We are interested in cooperating with leaders to whom we can grant part of our administrative and managerial powers in the area of customer service. Therefore, together with our lucrative Partnership Program, the company has developed the Agent-Representative Program for those who wish to represent us in their respective town and country, developing and opening up even more opportunities for themselves and the company.

As a Representative of the Company, you have a number of privileges and benefits.

First of all as a representative you automatically become a Partner also and therefore will have all the privileges and benefits of a Partner plus a whole lot more.

As a Doxasupreme International Representative you are given the opportunity to become the face of the company in your local town and country. As such we place your information right on the face of our international website. The great advantage of this is that as a representative you can still earn big even without working. Yes this is possible because as the Doxasupreme International brand is getting more and more popular, numerous visitors flock our website on daily bases.

All these traffic get to see your contact information as our representative. These visitors, more especially those from your local town and country will then contact you themselves for more information about us and what we offer. They thereby become your referee and for any item what so ever they purchase or any service we offer them from any of our vast number of companies, you as the representative can get up to  a massive 6% commission ( 5% partnership commission plus extra 1% representative bonus) see ‘become an affiliate’ page. This can freely get you over $ 3 000 commission on just one item sale from just one of our companies.

To add the ‘Jerry on the cake’, unlike many other companies that charge a monthly or annual fee to representatives, our representative program is absolutely free. All commissions are paid on a monthly via Paypal to your registered email address.  

To become a Representative you must be a Partner of the Doxasupreme International Group (see ‘become a Partner’ page). Then simply fill out our contact form below and inform us you wish to become one of our esteemed Representatives.

We will get back to you within 24 hour with a request for more information. We reserve the right to accept your application or not after reviewing your documents. If accepted, your Partnership accounts will be upgraded and all Representative rights granted you to start earning bigger!

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