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Our Partnership program is an excellent way to earn additional income from our company with absolutely zero investment and zero risk. If you are an energetic and sociable person that enjoys interacting with people and making new friends, our partnership program is an ideal offer for you.

A lot of time you engage with family and friends, you converse on vast topics and issues. On many occasions in the course of your conversations you recommend to them products and services that intrigue you. Based on your recommendation, your friends actually go buy these products and services. You are however usually oblivious of the fact that by your recommendations you make big business for vendors and get absolutely nothing for that.

With us however it is different. We offer you an opportunity to earn big! The Doxasupreme International group spans across various products, services and industries and for every business you bring to us, we pay you massively and continue paying you massively each time the client comes back for another service. Yes unlike other companies that only give once of commission, ours are recurring! Invite your friends and acquaintances to buy any of our products or services and you earn 5% of the sales price (for most of our companies) on each sale. That’s simply amazing!

A little more about how it works:

For offline referrals, contact and inform us you would like to become a partner and upon registration you will receive a unique Partnership card with your unique partnership number. You will also be issued some customer cards each having a unique customer number. All your customer numbers will be linked to your partnership number. Simply give a unique card and number to each customer you refer and you will still receive your commission each time your referrals present their customer number and buy from any of our companies.

For online referrals, Simply fill out our Partnership form directly at the websites of the Doxasupreme Companies you wish to promote.

You will automatically be granted access to your affiliate area with your unique affiliate number and links to refer visitors to the websites so you may start earning big!


 DOXASUPREME CONSULTANCY5% of every payment made by the partner’s referred client for any Business consultancy product or service provided (Company secretarial, Accounting, Taxation, management, HR, Payroll, business training and business software and systems).

DOXASUPREME ELEGANT TRAVELSP50 per Air ticket booked and 5% of all net amounts that the company makes out of any other traveling deal (hotel reservation, holiday packages, car rental & shuttle, safari trips and ship cruise) with the partner’s referred client.

DOXASUPREME PROPERTIES5% of all net amounts that the company makes (commission plus mark-up) from each property deal with the partner’s referred client (Marketing & Sales, Letting and Maintenance, Advisory and Paperwork, House Plans).

DOXASUPREME WEB INCREDIBLE5% of every payment made by the partner’s referred client for any Website service provided (Web Design, Hosting, Maintenance, Security, e-Commerce, Internet Marketing and other web solutions).

For further clarity about our Partnership program please contact us using our contact form below: